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Hose Replacement Service In San Antonio, TX

Sergeant Clutch Certified Engine & Transmission Shop located in San Antonio, Texas has a team of certified automotive mechanics that specialize in Automobile Repair Service for all cars and trucks including complete Hose Replacement Services. Failure to adhere to the manufacturer recommended hose replacement schedule can result in your vehicle breaking down and leaving you stranded. The San Antonio heat can contribute to wear and tear of car hoses.

Symptoms that you might be having problems with your hoses include the presence of coolant, fluid, oil, sweet smell in the air, dashboard light warnings, engine overheating, engine temperature hot. Coolant hoses include upper radiator hose, lower radiator hose and heater hoses. Hoses provide a flexible connection for coolant flow between engine and radiator. Sergeant Clutch recommends you have auto hoses checked at least twice a year. Count on the Mechanics at Sergeant Clutch to handle all your hose needs. We will take the time to properly diagnose any problems and inform you of your repair options. Get the quality personal service you deserve. Call us today 210-239-1600.

  • Brake Hose Replacement
  • Coolant Hose Replacement
  • Heater Hose Replacement
  • Fuel Line Hose Replacement
  • Hose Fittings Replacement
  • Radiator Hose Replacement
  • Vacuum Hose Replacement
  • Transmission Oil Hoses
  • A/C Hose Lines

Temperature Warning Indicator Light? - The Temperature Warning Light gauges the heat of the engine. If the Temperature Light turn on it may indicate your engine is overheating. The engine overheating can be the result of low radiator coolant. If the Temperature Light comes on while driving you should immediately pull over and turn your car off to let it cool down. Do not attempt to open the radiator cap before the vehicle has had time to cool down. By opening the radiator cap to soon can cause bodily injury. Sergeant Clutch offers a Temperature Light Diagnostic Scan to help determine the problem.