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About Sergeant Clutch


Auto A/C Air Conditioning Repair - San Antonio, TX

Got Air Conditioner Problems? Sergeant Clutch offers Quick and Easy Solutions to Auto A/C Problems. Our Certified A/C Auto Mechanics are specially trained to quickly spot any Air Conditioner Problems and repair them at the best price. Sergeant Clutch offers a Free A/C Diagnosis. If air conditioner problems are caught early you can avoid expensive repairs. Minor repairs are far more affordable as they do not require a complete A/C Rebuild or A/C Replacement. The cost varies depending on the year, make and model of the car or truck. Sergeant Clutch offers affordable prices, great workmanship, value, and a great warranty on Car A/C and Truck A/C Repair Services.


Air Conditioning Services

Sergeant Clutch can diagnose and repair your vehicle’s air conditioning system including the compressor, condenser, blower motor, relays, cooling fans and more. Got an A/C Problem and not sure what is wrong Sergeant Clutch offers a FREE A/C Performance Check that is designed to quickly determine whether you’re A/C needs a simply recharge or additional diagnostic testing and repairs.

Sergeant Clutch’s Free A/C Performance Check includes:

    • Visual inspection of air conditioner components

    • Outlet temperature analysis

    • Check A/C system pressure readings

  • Recommendations for further diagnostic troubleshoot or repair

Got A/C Leak? A/C Freon Recharge Service

If your vehicles air conditioner Freon refrigerant is low you may just need an A/C Freon Recharge Service. It includes topping off your car or trucks A/C Freon and add a ultraviolet uv tracer dye to pinpoint any leaks in the air conditioner system.

Complete A/C Recharge w/ Leak Test Service

When it comes to peak performance of your vehicle’s air conditioning system, Freon refrigerant levels are the key to keeping cool. Having an A/C Leak can lead to contaminants and moisture into your vehicles a/c system. By removing these contaminants it will prolong the life and efficiency of your air conditioning system. Our A/C Recharge Service will boost and restore your car or trucks air conditioning system back to original performance.

Complete A/C Recharge Service Package includes:

    • Air Conditioning Performance Evaluation

    • Environmentally Safe Evacuation and Recovery of Old A/C Refrigerant

    • Recharge Freon Levels to Proper Specifications

    • Inspection and Adjustment of Drive Belt

    • Cleaning of A/C Condenser Fins of Debris and Dirt

    • Outlet Temperature Analysis Designed to Determine Cooling Performance

    • Check of Proper Operation of A/C Controls, A/C Blower Motor and Engine Cooling Fan

  • Introduce Ultraviolet Dye into AC system to expose any leak points


Sergeant Clutch offers a wide range of automotive HVAC repair services. We sell and install dealership quality auto ac repairs and auto ac service at discount prices. We offer:

    • Sanden AC Parts

    • AC Delco AC Parts

    • Delphi AC Parts

    • Denso AC Parts

    • Brand New OEM A/C Parts

  • Remanufactured A/C parts


Got Air Conditioner Problems?

Troubleshooting Your Automobiles Air Conditioner!

Be Alert To Signs That Your Automobile's A/C May Be In Trouble

    • A funny smell is coming from the vents.

    • The cooling fan keeps cycling on an off.

    • The air it puts out isn't as cold as it used to be.

    • The defroster no longer defogs the windshield effectively.

    • You find water on the floor of the passenger compartment.

    • The air conditioner's drive belts, compressor or blower are noisier.

  • You hear a rhythmic clicking noise under the hood when you turn on the air conditioner or defroster


    If You Have Any Of These Signs Call Sergeant Clutch AC Repair Shop 210-239-1600


                Sergeant Clutch Discount AC Repair Shop offers:

                  • Acura AC Repair

                  • Audi AC Repair

                  • BMW AC Repair

                  • Buick AC Repair

                  • Cadillac AC Repair

                  • Chevy AC Repair

                  • Chrysler AC Repair

                  • Dodge AC Repair

                  • Ford AC Repair

                  • GMC AC Repair

                  • Honda AC Repair

                  • Hummer AC Repair

                  • Hyundai AC Repair

                  • Infiniti AC Repair

                  • Isuzu AC Repair

                  • Jaguar AC Repair

                  • Jeep AC Repair

                  • Kia AC Repair

                  • Land Rover AC Repair

                  • Lexus AC Repair

                  • Lincoln AC Repair

                  • Mazda AC Repair

                  • Mercedes AC Repair

                  • Mercury AC Repair

                  • Mini Cooper AC Repair

                  • Mitsubishi AC Repair

                  • Nissan AC Repair

                  • Oldsmobile AC Repair

                  • Plymouth AC Repair

                  • Pontiac AC Repair

                  • Saturn AC Repair

                  • Scion AC Repair

                  • Subaru AC Repair

                  • Suzuki AC Repair

                  • Toyota AC Repair

                  • Volkswagen AC Repair

                • Volvo AC Repair

                Stop by and checkout our shop located in San Antonio, Texas and notice how clean, inviting and customer friendly we are. That’s the Sergeant Clutch Difference call 210-239-1600

                  Sergeant Clutch Discount AC Air Conditioning Service in San Antonio, TX 78239


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                  San Antonio, Texas 78239

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