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About Sergeant Clutch


Transfer Case Repair Shop In San Antonio Texas

Sergeant Clutch has over 75 years of Transfer Case repair experience and knowledge. When you have transfer case problems the Experts at Sergeant Clutch understands your transfer case. Get an accurate diagnoses from the beginning call Sergeant Clutch first. No matter where you are in or around San Antonio, Texas were able to help you call 210-239-1600.

The complexity of today’s transfer cases is much more difficult to service and repair. Choosing the right mechanic to handle your transfer case repair can make all the difference. Remember the cheapest price is not always the best option. Don’t be fooled by unrealistically low prices call Sergeant Clutch for a Free Second Opinion.


Sergeant Clutch Discount Transfer Case Repair Shop in San Antonio, Texas offers:

  • Rebuilt Transfer Cases
  • New Transfer Cases
  • Reman Transfer Cases
  • Used Transfer Cases
  • Transfer Case Maintenance Service
  • Transfer Case Fluid Change
  • Transfer Case Reseal
  • Transfer Case Minor Repair
  • Transfer Case Overhaul
  • Transfer Case Rebuild
  • Performance Transfer Case Service
  • Heavy Duty Transfer Case Service

Got Transfer Case Problems?

  • Transfer Case Leaking?
  • Transfer Case Not Shifting?
  • Transfer Case Popping Out Of Gear?
  • Transfer Case Not Working?

Sergeant Clutch Discount Transfer Case Repair Shop offers:

    • Free Transfer Case Estimates
    • No Credit Check Payment Plans

Sergeant Clutch Discount Transfer Case Repair Shops in San Antonio, TX 78239


6557 Walzem Road (Corner of New World)

San Antonio, Texas 78239

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