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About Sergeant Clutch


Flywheel Replacement Service - San Antonio, Texas

Sergeant Clutch Certified Engine & Transmission Shop in San Antonio, Texas offers Quick and Easy Solutions to your Flywheel Problems. Whether your car, truck, van or suv has an automatic transmission or manual transmission our mechanics are specially trained to quickly spot any flywheel problems and replace them at a discount price. Got Flywheel Problems? Flywheel Cracked? Flywheel Making Noise? Flywheel Missing Teeth? Flywheel Vibrating?

Sergeant Clutch sells and installs:

  • OEM Flywheels
  • Aftermarket Flywheels
  • Heavy Duty Flywheels
  • Racing Flywheels
  • Resurface Flywheels
  • Car Flywheels
  • Truck Flywheels
  • Suv Flywheels
  • Acura Flywheels
  • Audi Flywheels
  • BMW Flywheels
  • Buick Flywheels
  • Cadillac Flywheels
  • Chevy Flywheels
  • Chrysler Flywheels
  • Corvette Flywheels
  • Dodge Flywheels
  • Eagle Flywheels
  • Ford Flywheels
  • Geo Flywheels
  • GMC Flywheels
  • Honda Flywheels
  • Hummer Flywheels
  • Hyundai Flywheels
  • Infiniti Flywheels
  • Isuzu Flywheels
  • Jaguar Flywheels
  • Jeep Flywheels
  • Kia Flywheels
  • Land Rover Flywheels
  • Lexus Flywheels
  • Lincoln Flywheels
  • Mazda Flywheels
  • Mercedes Flywheels
  • Mercury Flywheels
  • Mini Cooper Flywheels
  • Mitsubishi Flywheels
  • Nissan Flywheels
  • Oldsmobile Flywheels
  • Plymouth Flywheels
  • Pontiac Flywheels
  • Porsche Flywheels
  • Saab Flywheels
  • Saturn Flywheels
  • Scion Flywheels
  • Subaru Flywheels
  • Suzuki Flywheels
  • Toyota Flywheels
  • VW Flywheels
  • Volkswagen Flywheels
  • Volvo Flywheels