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Brake Repair Shop * San Antonio Texas

Got Brake Problems? The expert brake mechanics at Sergeant Clutch Certified Engine & Transmission Shop in San Antonio, Texas understands your automobile’s brakes and ABS braking system. Fact, nothing on your car or truck is more important than the brake system. Whether you've got all-wheel disc brakes or an older drum brake system, brakes equals stopping power. If your brakes don’t stop you what will another car or maybe a tree? Sergeant Clutch has the right brake parts at the right price. We offer all major brake brands on the market today.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to brake problems is as soon as any brake problem is noticed get your brakes checked and repaired immediately. If your car, truck, van or suv is having brake problems don't hesitate, bring your automobile to Sergeant Clutch Certified Engine & Transmission Shop. We pledge to offer Good Customer Service, Quality Brake Parts & Brake Repairs, Great Brake Warranty, and Discount Brake Job Prices.

When you have problems with your cars brake system, this can be a serious problem and waiting will make the brake problem worse costing you more money. By delaying needed brake repairs can be extremely dangerous. It’s easy to tell if your automobile needs a brake job. If your brakes squeak a little, that is normal. Most brakes squeak because the lubricant that comes with each brake kit was not administered when the brakes were placed onto the automobile. It is not the squeaking that you need to worry about. When your brakes begin to wear down, you might hear a grinding noise when you step down on the brake pedal. You might hear a crunch noise if you have to hit the brakes fast and hard. Those are usually two good signs that it is time for brake service.

Overstressed brake rotors and brake drums can break. Brakes that are excessively worn or damaged may not stop your vehicle in time. The longer you delay fixing brake problems will only cost more to fix. Badly worn, warped or overheated brake rotors can damage wheel bearings and the complete wheel hub assembly. These parts often cost as much or more than the brakes themselves. Contact Sergeant Clutch.

The Brake Experts at Sergeant Clutch Certified Engine & Transmission Shop offers:

  • Brake Maintenance
  • Brake Repair
  • Brake Rotors
  • Brake Drums
  • Brake Calipers
  • Brake Wheel Cylinders
  • Brake Master Cylinder
  • Brake Lines
  • Emergency Brakes
  • Brake Upgrades

Sergenat Clutch offers a Brake Performance Check that includes:

  • Road test
  • Inspect lining condition of brake pads or brake shoes
  • Inspect calipers
  • Inspect wheel cylinders for leak
  • Inspect brake hardware
  • Inspect brake rotors and brake drums for wear and damage
  • Inspect brake hydraulic system including brakes lines and hoses
  • Inspect brake master cylinder

Anti-Lock Brake System Light On? - The Anti-Lock Brake System Light, also known as the ABS Light, indicates that there is a malfunction in your vehicle’s anti-lock brake system. The malfunction is logged by your vehicle’s onboard computer system. A common cause for the ABS Light is a dirty or damaged ABS wheel sensor. Sergeant Clutch offers an ABS Diagnostic Scan to help determine the problem call 210-239-1600.

Brake Light Warning Indicator Light On? - The Brake Light can be activated for a number of reasons from simplest to something more serious. A common reason for the Brake Light is the Parking Brake is still engaged. The Brake Light can come on from a lack of brake fluid which creates a lack of hydraulic pressure. In this case immediate service is required. Having a brake fluid leak can cause your car or trucks brakes to fail and not work! Sergeant Clutch offers a Brake Light Diagnostic Scan to help determine the problem call 210-239-1600

Sergeant Clutch saves you money on the following:

  • Audi Brake Repair
  • Acura Brake Repair
  • BMW Brake Repair
  • Buick Brake Repair
  • Cadillac Brake Repair
  • Chevy Brake Repair
  • Chrysler Brake Repair
  • Corvette Brake Repair
  • Dodge Brake Repair
  • Ford Brake Repair
  • Geo Brake Repair
  • GMC Brake Repair
  • Honda Brake Repair
  • Hummer Brake Repair
  • Hyundai Brake Repair
  • Infiniti Brake Repair
  • Isuzu Brake Repair
  • Jaguar Brake Repair
  • Jeep Brake Repair
  • Kia Brake Repair
  • Land Rover Brake Repair
  • Lexus Brake Repair
  • Lincoln Brake Repair
  • Mazda Brake Repair
  • Mercedes Brake Repair
  • Mercury Brake Repair
  • Mini Cooper Brake Repair
  • Mitsubishi Brake Repair
  • Nissan Brake Repair
  • Oldsmobile Brake Repair
  • Plymouth Brake Repair
  • Pontiac Brake Repair
  • Porsche Brake Repair
  • Saab Brake Repair
  • Saturn Brake Repair
  • Scion Brake Repair
  • Subaru Brake Repair
  • Suzuki Brake Repair
  • Toyota Brake Repair
  • VW Brake Repair
  • Volkswagen Brake Repair
  • Volvo Brake Repair
  • Heavy Duty Brake Repair
  • Performance Brake Repair
  • Brake Upgrades

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