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About Sergeant Clutch


Differential Repair Shop In San Antonio, Texas

Got Differential Problems? Sergeant Clutch has the experience and tools to properly diagnose, repair and service your differential right the first time. Our mechanics have years of experience, specialized training, certifications, and the latest tools and equipment specially designed for differentials. The Differential Experts at Sergeant Clutch understand your car or trucks differentail / rear end. Get an accurate diagnoses from the beginning call Sergeant Clutch first 210-239-1600.

With over 60 years of differential repair experience Sergeant Clutch Discount Differential Repair Shop in San Antonio is the premier provider of Differential Repairs & Differential Services for:

  • Diff Service
  • Car Differentials
  • Truck Differentials
  • Suv Differentials
  • 4x4 Differentials
  • Rear Ends
  • Gear Ratio Change
  • Bearing & Seal Replacement
  • Posi-Traction & Locker Installation
  • Axle Upgrades
  • Carrier & Spider Gear Replacement


Got Differential Problems?

Differential Leaking?

Differential Making Noise?

Differential Not Moving?


Sergeant Clutch offers:

Free Differential Performance Check

Rebuilt Differentials

Used Differentials

Heavy Duty Differentials  

Have You Ever Changed Your Vehicles Differential Fluid? The differential fluid provides lubrication to gears, bearings, shafts and other internal parts. Heat, pressure and friction can slowly breakdown the additives in the differential fluid. Small particles of metal and clutch material may come off as they wear and these particles can mix with the fluid. The differential fluid can also become contaminated with water.

Sergeant Clutch offers a Differential Fluid Change Service. Our mechanic will exchange the differential fluid with high quality synthetic oil that is compatible with all manufacturers. This differential fluid service helps replenish additives that help extend the performance and life of the mechanical differential parts.

    • Free Differential Repair Estimates

    • No Credit Check Payment Plans

Differential Ring & Pinion Gear Sets For Sale Discount Differential Repair San Antonio

Sergeant Clutch Discount Differential & Rearend Repair Shops in San Antonio, Texas


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