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What Are 4 Basic Transmission Fluid Conditions?


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1. Clean, Clear Fluid, with Virtually No Odor: The transmission fluid is like new. Chances are the automatic transmission’s working fine. Use the vehicle mileage or time since it was last serviced to determine whether you should have the transmission serviced.

2. Slight Brownish Tint, with a Lightly Burnt Odor: The transmission fluid is beginning to burn, and is probably due for a transmission fluid service. If you didn’t have the transmission fluid flushed completely the last time you had the transmission serviced, you may just be looking at the old transmission fluid that was left in the transmission. As long as the transmission seems to be working okay, consider a complete transmission fluid flush service in the not-too-distant future.

3. Brown Color, with a Distinctly Burnt or Varnished Odor: The transmission fluid is burnt, and you may already be experiencing transmission operating problems. If the transmission seems to be operating okay, you might still get away with a complete fluid flush service and transmission filter replacement. But there’s little doubt that the transmission is beginning to wear, so the best you can expect from a transmission fluid service is to buy some time. Eventually you’ll be facing a transmission repair job.

4. Black Color, with a Stench that Will Make Your Toes Curl: The transmission fluid is severely burnt, and the transmission probably is, too. You’re probably experiencing a serious transmission problem. A transmission fluid service at this point will usually be a complete waste of money; the transmission is going to need a major overhaul or rebuild. And there’s the possibility of related problems, such as a clogged transmission cooler or a cooling system problem. Make sure you have these systems checked at the same time, to avoid a second transmission failure.

Of course transmission fluid condition isn’t the only thing mechanics check when examining a transmission’s condition. They also look at operating condition, computer system codes, and any loose material in the pan, to name just a few. Automatic transmission fluid condition is just one of a series of signs used to diagnose transmission problems.

If you’re unsure of whether your automatic transmission fluid indicates a problem, stop by Sergeant Clutch Discount Transmission Repair Shop at 6557 Walzem Road in San Antonio, Texas 78239 or call us 210-239-1600.

Are you experiencing loss of power upon acceleration? Is your automatic transmission unable to go into gear? Is your automatic transmission not shifting? Is yourautomatic transmission shifting hard or sifting late? Is your automatic transmission slipping? Is you automatic transmission making a chatter or grinding noise? Is your automatic transmission leaking fluid? Is your car or truck not drivable? Call Sergeant Clutch today!